Fusers & Kits

Fuser Assemblies & Maintenance Kits are listed by manufacturer and printer model in TonerFinder directly after the cartridge listing. Presently this covers HP, Canon, Apple and Brother.

Over time every printer will eventually require a fuser replacement. The fuser melts the toner directly into the final printed page. High temperature rollers tend to wear and the heat sensor which regulates the critical temperature intervals degrades. At a specified interval every machine will require a maintenance kit which consisted of the fuser mentioned above, the transfer and pickup rollers, separation pad and instructions.

After over sixteen years in the imaging business our vast array of printers requires regular service. We use the same service professionals and require timely long-lasting components to diminish our downtime. The component of choice has always been Image1 as they have served the imaging industry for over 16 years, use the best components, and are ISO9001 in quality. YES they cost more but their fusers and maintenance kits use many new components and hold up to the next service interval. We will not sell products that we do not believe in and would not use ourselves in our factory and offices.